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7-30MHz winding-type horizontal dipole antenna (DIPOLE HF antenna)

If you are a QRPer, or will the wild Communications lovers ; If you want to have a highly efficient full-size antenna to get better QSO experience, then Gypsy (Gipsy) 7-30MHz horizontal dipole antenna winding type (DIPOLE ) must be suitable for you. It was wild born, to pay tribute to the efficiency , fighting for every decibel !

HF Horizontal Dipole Antenna Ant

Dipole Antenna

HF20A HF 1.5-30MHz 100W WIRE antenna

HF20A HF 1.5-30MHz 100W WIRE antenna

K-29 shortwave communications antennas work 29.6Mhz

29.6 Mhz shortwave communications antennas Product Features: 1: 1 balun Tolerance power SSB <200W

LW1650 portable shortwave antenna 1.6-50 MHz

Portable wire antenna is a simple suite, contains all the necessary components. It is a simple and effective rapid deployment of shortwave antenna with light weight, small size, easy to carry and set up easily.

WA-4 portable shortwave 7MHz/14MHz/28MHz/50MHzquad band Antenna

WA-4 quad band Winton portable shortwave antenna (7MHz/14MHz/28MHz/50MHz) [Features] 1 new waterproof, UV balun design. 2 special bobbin pouch configuration. 3 introduces outdoor concept, using outdoor fastener design, easy disassembly. 4.40m (7MHz) / 20m (14MHz) / 10m (28MHz) / 6m (50MHz) quad-band natural resonant, high efficiency.